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nymph  succubis, and incubis





Now the first thing to remember is that nymphs, succubis, ans incubis are sex spirits. they tautnt. they tease. sometimes you need to speak firmly to them and tell them that you are busy and will be with them later.


all you need to do is lower the lights, put on some music, burn some incense. please do not ask what color or what kind use your own judgement as to what makes you feel in the mood for sex. Bring a piece of food for an offering it should be something sexy but up yo you, expample, red apple, strawberries, chocolate, dates, grapes, whatever you like.


light the candle and incense


say his or her name 9 times


love love come jump me

passion lust infused by me

be with me through the nights

bless me with your presence and sight

at one with this fire

we are now bound together grant my hearts desire


You ___ are now bound to me

as i will so it shall be!


you aree one she or he will make themselves known.





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