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You have made a wonderful choice by choosing your spirit from us and we are here to help if you need it. Please find your bonding ritual and take a look around. There is lots of useful information here! Also you have invited to join our group at  
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For those of you who are not new, we will be opening the group to everyone to talk, post, and share. We will have newsletters and twice a month contest!
A little about our items!
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All of our items and spells work with the energy of the universe. In order to get the most you need to do all things good and believe, believe, believe. Doubt and fear go hand in hand and will block your spirit or your spell. This means do not say,  I hope this will work. It will not. You have to know that it will work. You must trust in the universal laws and energy. You must trust that the right thing is coming your way. You must trust in the spirit that you have acquired, It chose you. Not I think I heard it, I think I saw it, I think I dreamed it. Do not ignore these signs and do not try to hurry the spirit or the spell, it will only backfire and never show!!!
Remember, Do ALL  good. Trust! Believe! Let the universe and the spirit work for you!!!! We have been doing this for years! Believe trust and let it work! Spells take a bit, spells that manifest fast, fall apart! Do you want to get your lover back just to lose him??? It takes about 60-90 days usually to start seeing PERMANENT results, this is what we cast for, not fast working spells that fall apart!
As for spirits, Spirits are spirits! They are not of this plane. So we hear all the time, help, I cannot see my spirit!!! When will he manifest??? Can I make him show??? Please let me address this.
Spirits choose you. They are here to help you. They came through one of us to a vessel for YOU! There are some who can see, hear, feel, sense,  or dream about them before they get to you. For others it is not so easy.  Usually people have one sense that is more pronounced then others! Yes, That means that I, Elizabeth, For instance, hear and see them in my head before I SEE THEM! Some will dream first! Some will sense! It varies on you and the spirit! More powerful spirits will bring different and more powerful reactions! They are there. Bond with the bonding rituals and do not worry about, I’m not sure I’ve done it right.  It’s been a few days and I haven’t seen him. Trust and Believe and you WILL see, hear, and know your spirit!
There are also many things that you can do to increase seeing, hearing, feeling, and sensing spirits. We will be including them on our yahoo group files along with ways to make your spells better!
I hope this has helped!
Many blessings!      

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