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familiars merpeople and faries

This is for an faries, merpeople, and familiars


Most of all you will hear their council in your head and dreams. Listen. Listen. Listen. If you hear, turn the other way. Go. Not blindly of course but listen. Your gut knows what the creator and angels are saying to you.

They are your council. You will know when they are talking to you.


Merpeople like sea shells, sea glass and water. Faries like nature, flowers, grass, etc. These are just suggestions to help the bonding and keep them happy! familiars need whatever they are accustomed to... example.. cats like things cats like, horses like to run and play... owls liker to sit in or near trees. but familiars need no charging box unless you want to put them in there. .

Both like to be kept on your body or very near you or put in a charging box but even when they are in the box , once you have bonded they are with you and will guard you to no end. They also hAVE GREAT healing ability, they can send messages to others for you, and they can take you to heaven when you make the link and ask. It is the ULTIMATE EXPECIENCE. They can grant any wish and council you on the steps that you need to take to get where you are going.


Merpeople are exceptial at anything to do with psychic abilities and you will often hear them in your head in dreams or the shower. Faries you can hear anytime and can be mischevious occassionally. so if you are missing your keys just asak them to return them and they will show up in one of the places that you have already looked. just go back and look again.

ritual can be done any time. Light a candle and faries like a light, airy incense merpeople like watery incense.

Call name 3 times and light candle



Together we shall walk, dance, and move

Life with your wisdom shall be smooth

I raise my arms in solemn oath

To hear your wisdom and move my spirit to growth

We are one with your blessings all around

You and me are from this day bound

As I will so it shall be!

Congratulations. You have the best by your side!~!!

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