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Dragon Bonding

this is for any creature.

if you have a gargoyle, unicorn, pegasus, centaur, werewolf, phoenix, griffin, or any other creature simply replace the creature name, centaur, griffin, etc. for dragon and the color for the color of the stone your creature is in.

In this I will say dragon but this is for most mystical creatures including gargoyles, unicorns. Etc. You can treat them like pets but with utmost respect. They are all very powerful and loyal. For dark enteties such as werewolfs see vampires.

The following is our dragon bonding ritual. This is the ritual that has been handed down from our dragon conjurers in Italy along with some additional bonding and caring techniques that we have used over the years.

Remember that dragons are very loyal and knowledgeable. The usually guard treasure and people. They can bring you great treasure and wealth but be by your side and like to be talked to.

They like to have a dark dwelling place and I urge you to get them a charging box as soon as possible. They will love this. They also like dragons blood incense. If it is a water dragon it will love any water scent incense and candles as well. They love the candlelight. They love rocks, sand, And sea glass as well. All these things will keep your dragon happy and cozy, which will bring you a better companion who is able to bring all of your wishes.

Bonding ritual; You will need a candle, the color of your dragon or close to it: such as yellow if you can not find gold, White is ok for copper. This needs to be at night.

. You can use this anytime to bond state :

Dragon __(name)_____ old and wise

Dragon of __(copper, water etc.)__________ be by my side.

Come and share your wisdom with me

Open my eyes and ears to hear and see

I bond with you _name)__ with all my might

My wishes you shall bring forth from this night.

________ (call name 3 times whileLight candle)

This candle bonds us a a symbol of your fire

We are one grant my desire

As I will so it shall be!

You are done. Talk. Bond. At at the beginning holding your item for 5-10 minutes each day and talking is recommemded.

Magick Happens!!!

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