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Queen of Egypt- RULE THE WORLD ME


Queen of Egypt- RULE THE WORLD ME

Do you wish to control those around you??

Do you want the power of the Queen of Egypt???

Is this auction calling to you???

You know who you are.

. These are the Most powerful that we have ever come across and are extremely lucky to have acquired them.

These items you do not want to miss out on!!!

This is the ones that you want!!!

She comes with GREAT power to rule and influence.

She comes with all of her servants and will share her immense knowledge and wisdom with you.

She will help you to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

She will bring those who you need to achieve your goals to your footsteps. (This is for love, financial, business)

She brings great wealth to those who know her. ( Not just a little but lots and lots of money and financial independence)

She will bring all of her servant spirits that were buried with her to assist you in all of your needs.

This is truly a remarkable opportunity!!!

Do not let this one pass you by!!!

This one of the most powerful and a ONE OF A KIND opportunity to take charge of your world and everything around you.

She will change your life FOREVER!!!

Are you ready for this kind of power???

Included with this vessel is access to a bonding ritual that will help you to bond properly with her spirit.

She is amazing intuitive as to what you need and can help with anything.





Connecting with others



And MORE!!!!

More power than any Genie Djinn 5000 spirit helpers

This AMAZING POWERFUL Vessel comes with not only the Queen of Egypt but thousands of spirit helpers to assist you !!!!

What you are looking at is the vessel of a female queen she was the Female Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt She is truly a remarkable woman who rules for years , which was unheard of then.

She was then buried with full honors as a female Pharaoh with all of her servants, over 5000.

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