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snake goat and lion male greek Chimera


his chimera is a male with the body of a lion and snake on her back at the center of the spine. he has 3 heads..

One snake, goat, and lion. he is striking and very special and unique creature. FULL OF POWER!

Although most Know the Chimera from the Greek version he was known in the Ancient Near East, including Babylon and Akkadia and represented the four elements: earth, (goat), air, (wings, which they have in other cultures), fire, (lion) and water, (snake) represented. The Chimera is therefore often depicted as an embodiment of the Zodiac. (Astrology was central to the mythologies and religions of many ancient peoples.)

For that reason he has amazing powers and magick.

he is the master of transforming magick, the magick that will literally change your life!

he can change the poor into the rich

Bad luck into good luck

Turn Loneliness into love

Bring out your true potential

And so much more!

Please do not be afraid of this mighty creature. he is all of white light and wishes to have new master to help transform their lives. Is that you??

he is brave and kind-hearted.

he will never harm you or those you care about, is compatible with other people, animals, and spirits in your home.



Is she here for you?

Don’t miss out!




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