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witch owned BUDDHA SPELLCASTED MONEY wealth cash lotto


Are you ready for the wealth that you so desire???

This is the Master Wealth buddha that brought the witches their amazing wealth of over 30 MILLION without ever leaving home. Read the story below.

Just while being in my house over the weekend I won a small lottery and received an unexpected check in the mail.

This will make you a magnet for money!!!

I was told by one of the keepers before me that unexpected money showed up every month from the time she brought this home until the time we acquired the possessions.

This amulet has drawn money and business success for the owners without it even being asked for.

It's power is amazing!!!

You do not need anything with this amulet but a piece paper with a money chant was with this !!!

If it is luck, money, business success, a home, cars, or all the above that you wish to have please bid on this item. You can not go wrong. Whatever you spend on it you will get back a thousand fold and then some.

If you wish for the good life this is for you!!!

Don't let this pass you by. The opportunity for this kind of life will not come by everyday.

About the house:

In 2000, we were called to a home to study one of the most haunted places ever. In our 2 night investigation we experienced over 120 evps, captured 100 photos, and had EMF readings of up to 126.9 at times. This is an abandoned house with no electric so the EMF readings this high was off the charts. We even filmed a full body apparition of sorts closing a door on video tape.

Temperature changes immedtely dropped when you were in the house, even though it was 75 degrees outside.

In our investigation one of our group was even knocked down while he was standing still in an upstairs bedroom. Another investigator experienced a kind of welt on the back of his neck. We all experienced cob webs that were not there, recorded foot steps, seeing faces and apparitions. Even myself and the other experienced investigator was in awe and a little shaken at what we found.

After our investigation we were given the number of a previous owner who wishes to remain unknown. We were given this number because the previous owner had some possessions from the home that she wished to part with. We picked them up from her storage and tested them, this is what we bring to you....

Please understand that we can not give you the exact address of this home because it was a private investigation however we have included pictures of the inside and can tell you that it is in Brown County, Ohio.

All items sold here came from a cousin of the original owners of the property.

Now, let me tell you the story that led us there.

In 1908 two sisters were born to an unwed mother named Sara. The girls were split up, the girl could not keep them. So, Millie went with her two aunts and Katherine was raised by her grandma Martha 2000 miles away.

The two Aunts, Meredith and Eloise raised Millie in what was known to be a very strange home. The towns people even called them “Witches.” They had big festivals every October 31st with big fires and strange people would come from no one really knows where but the townspeople stayed away and NO ONE went up there.

In 1926 things changed, That year there was a big fire that erupted on the hill. What was strange was that the big fire in the back field burnt the barn, killed 127 people, and then seemed to put itself out as quickly as it began. The fire department showed up but the fire went out really quick. The only people who survived were Millie and Katherine.

Rumor and tales say that that year grandma Martha brought Katherine and they were all going to tell the girls but the girls were extremely powerful; and upset so they burnt everyone up.

The girls reunited spent the rest of their years together. Everyone stayed away and knew that it was a witches house. They very rarely left the house, got their groceries delivered, and got very strange packages from all over the world.

They were discovered together dead in 1993. They were discovered because their was concern because so many packages were on their porch. When the police investigated and opened the packages they found lots of odd items that to this day the family has been told little about. There were dolls, jewelry, herbs, and such from other countries. Story tells that there was even supposed to some human remains in one of the boxes.

They also found over 30 million dollars inside their house in cash. It seems they never used a bank!!!!

The items for sale here are items from the women that were recovered from their home by relatives and stored away. They have been given to us with explanations for each item.

These items are VERY VERY POWERFUL and should be used with care!!!!



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