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shaman WARLOCK owned PARANORMAL amulet power of 10000 djinn


it is in wonderful shape but is used

this one is from a very specail collection

this is a wonderful item it was left by my great grandfather in his belongings

he was know to the world as a true 'shaman WARLOCK'

the shaman, is considered to be the most powerful of the four healers. The shaman is believed to be divinely inspired and must obey spirit messengers. These spirits come in dreams and inform men that they are to become shamans. They also reveal to these men what sacred object they are to receive and keep safe. This sacred object can be anything, such as a shell or bone and is representative of their power .

After a man has been informed by these spirits of his destine (destiny, future) he usually goes through a period of denial or rejection followed by an illness. If he does not yield to the will of the spirits it is believed that he or a loved one could die. Most "selected" men yield after consulting an established shaman and discovering that there is no choice in the matter. Often times, a midwife can also confirm a potential shaman's sacred calling if she assisted in his birth. She can do this by recognizing and recalling special signs at birth such as amniotic fluid resembling a small shoulder pouch. This is symbolic of a shaman's medicine satchel and indicates that the child will grow up to become a shaman.

Shamans are mediators between this world and the spirit world. The Indians of Guatemala are just one of many groups that use this type of curer. They will seek a shaman's help for such an event as the birth of a child. They ask him to perform costumers (rites) to not only God but to the saints, lesser spirits, and ancestors. The shaman performs these rites in order to get blessings and protection for the child against the evils of the world. Costumers can be conducted inside the church or at small altars or shrines in the mountains or on hillsides. These rites usually consist of burning copal incense and candles as well as offering liquor (quetzl'tiecle- fermented sugar cane elixir) and tobacco to the powers that be.


The vessel holds a powerful djinn entity he has the power of 10000 djinn.


I am happy to bring to you one of the many treasures that I got from my great grandfather estate .


This and many other special items that I will be offering.


This is very rare power!


Shamans are also consulted for intercessions such as praying for good fortune and the success of crops. Individual health, however, is the major responsibility of shamans.


The items being offered is from my great grandfather and now I bring some of his wonderful items with you.


The name of the djinns will only be given to the winning bidder.

The will allow you to see your future and other peoples as well. Amazing magic and insight comes to the one who possess this amulet. It will not only bring the power to see, change and predict but allow you to overcome your obstacles and be great at everything you want to be. There are no limitations.


The entity residing in this vessel is amazing! You will increase your power Every time you wear it.

This item will allow the owner to control their own destiny!



This Is An Extremely Powerful One. One of the most powerful that I have ever held. It belonged to my great grandfather . He was a great and mighty shaman.


If you wish for the good life this is for you!!!

Don't let this pass you by. The opportunity for this kind of life will not come by everyday




This will bring it all!!





This Would Show Him Things To Come!

It would allow him to stop them and change them



It is for man or woman. Can be worn on a chain, or carried with you. Once you have bonded the all powerful entity will be with you even if you leave it at home.


If you believe it can all be yours!


If you were brought here!

listen to your gut! It is for you!

You were brought to own him!

This is your destiny calling!


Once you have experienced this kind of magic, nothing will compare!

All you have to do with the ring is wear it and believe. You will be sent access to bonding ritual and pouch for this amulet

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