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BABY female or male Purple Dragon MAGIC protection LOVE energy HEAL POWER


RARE BABY female  OR MALE BABY Purple Dragon.THEY ARE VERY  beautiful to behold. their ages are  3 - 8 years old 


About his vessel: This is a amulet. . You can feel its power when you touch it. It can be worn or carried with you. Once you bond the dragon will be with you forever so you will not even need to carry it with you.



This is the One of the very few purple Dragons that we have at this time!!!!

We do not know if we will ever have any more. These are

VERY VERY RARE! They need the right keepers!!!


We have been in the paranormal field for a long time and this item is absolutely amazing!!! I am very pleased to say that our dragon conjurers have been hard at work on this one!




We have had many dragons but this is the one of the few purple ones. These are very hard to come by. it is said that the breed only comes when a male blue dragon and a female red dragon mate.



10,000 times stronger than any Jinn and can make your dreams come true.


 very loyal companion and not only does she bring you and your protection but will bring riches beyond your dreams.

Her specialty is secrets and magic.


 will bring you abilities beyond belief!!!

 also brings a special magic of BALANCE.

It takes a rare breed of 2 dragons to bring balance. The amazing balance of water and fire.


We are thrilled to bring to you some amazing objects from Italy just delivered to us a shipment of AMAZING items and we have brought them here for you!!!


Are you ready for a friend and companion who can grant your wishes????


can help!

 will protect and bring great fortune!!

will guard you!!


 bring you the knowledge and ability to do or Know anything!


Don't miss out!!!!


This AMAZING POWERFUL Vessel holds a RARE BABY FEmale purple dragon.


She is a helper that you need if you TRULY want a new life and change for your future!!!





The Red Fire dragons are the powerful changers in the world. They can bring you anything that you desire. TheY have the power to break the barriers that hold you back. Red dragons work with passions, healing, emotions, and your deepest desires!!! They tirelessly work for your desires and for great fortune. They are the most powerful changers in the world. They break barriers, they help you move SWIFTLY through rough times and make it all better.



Blue Water Dragons are the most magical. They work with dreams, mysteries, knowledge, intuition, and healing! These amazing dragons bring everything magical and hidden to the table. If you want to learn magic or ancient knowledge they are for you!

Imagine the possibilities of a dragon who has combined these two amazing dragon traits together! This is the dragon you want!






This one of the most powerful and a ONE OF A KIND opportunity to take charge of your world and everything around you.



THAY is magnificent!!!







Is this auction calling to you???



they Harnesses the power of both parents. Their abilities are listed

Is that You???



If it is calling to you and you are here, you were brought here for a reason. The spirit was calling to you to be it’s owner.



If you are ready for the REAL DEAL HERE IT IS!!!!


Your WISH IS her of his  COMMAND!!!


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