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HAUNTED POWER GODDESS Aphrodite LOVE DESIRE passion soulmate Youth spell energy


I am extremely proud to bring to you an extremely unique and powerful spirit! This vessel inhabits the awesome power of one of the greatest goddesses ever, THE lovely Aphrodite.


SHe the beloved the greeks.


SHE IS THE GODDESS OF love, sex, desire, feeling, and enjoyment.

sHe will bring the power to :

unleash your passion

free the binds that hold you back in all areas

learn unconditional love

love passion and desire on a whole new level

she will bring a soulmate or enhance any relationship you are in.

She will teach you to love yourself and others.

She will teach you ways to enjoy and live life that you never thought possible.


Please understand. Her passions and desires are not all about sex. She will teach you real love, Real desire. real raw passion but will also teach you to live life to the fullest and help you aquire all you need to do that!



This vessel has also been cast with the help of Aphrodite herself with the Fountain of Youth spell.

This Rare and Powerful spell reverses the aging process of the mind, body, and spirit! It will literally make you more beautiful in all ways in the eyes of others! It will also enlighten your aura. The Ring is fully charged with a Magnetic Energy that pulls and binds your True Love to you or makes the one you with see a new spark in you. ! Your lover will be overwhelmed with Burning Desire for you! Your own Erotic Passion will be renewed allowing you to experience Ecstasy beyond your Wildest Fantasies! You passion and beauty will literally soar!






Bonding with her is SOOO amazing!.






SHe appears as a BEAUTIFUL HOUR GLASS FIGURED WOMAN THAT has long blonde hair and the lightest blue eyes I've ever seen. she comes clothed in shear white . She is a truely amazing feeling that puts me at a loss for words.




sHe has pre choosen the person who She will go to next.

Is that you???

Did She call you here???

Did you see hER?

Feel hER?

Did She wisper to you or touch your cheek??


SHe is with this vessel . Once you bond with hER She will be with you and you will not need to wear the vessel everyday!


The coven of 13 elder witches of the craft. They are a very elite class of 13 elder women of the craft; they are all at least 5th generation true witches and have magick that has been passed on from mother to daughter over the ages for at least 300 years. They are pillars of their community although some do not KNOW WHY. (They do not go around announcing they are witches.) Several hold very powerful positions and one is a multimillionaire although none of them want for anything. They have some of the most amazing powers that I have ever seen.

She will give you his powers and help you do anything. She will help you to become a powerful man or woman. She brings wealth, health, happiness, and success in all that you do.



The vessel



If you were brought here, you were brought for a reason. Take a look and read the auction carefully. Is it calling to you?? If you decide this auction is not for you take a look in the store someone else must be calling you and TRUST your instincts. If you find nothing I have conjured for you, we always offer custom spirits.


Be sure to check out the about me page for special discounts! Also sign up for the store newsletter where we send out all of our sales and check back on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for our 40% off sale!


Why buy from us?

We have over 300 repeat customers on ebay and even more offline. We have been doing this for a long time. We are experienced and provide each customer with support, a bonding ritual, a complete website and group with support! We offer all the information you need plus we are on once a day (except some weekends) to answer questions! We care about our customers and you can see that in our feedback!





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