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FEMALE WATCHER DJINN guardian break any hex remove bad krama evil sin


She knows and brings with her lots of power and hidden knowledge in the form of dreams



The watchers are amazingly rare Shape-shifting spirits that are a class of angel.

These amazing spirits are a cross between mankind and angel and are stunning to behold.


These wonderful spirits are one of the most protective and can grant any wish but their real power is in sharing their knowledge and opening your eyes to new light. They love to share their knowledge and power with you and will tell you everything that you need to know, nothing is off limits. They will open your psychic abilities, open you third eye, teach you the power of levitation, teach you telekinesis, and work wonderful magick with you.



These wonderful spirits are also great guardians. They dispel all evil. They simply can not tolerate it and it must go. They can get rid of any bad karma. They bring only the best of luck and work strongly against those who wish to do harm to you. They can break any hex. They turn all black magick white. No harm will come to you, your home or loved ones ever again. It is amazing!!!

And if this is not enough they can grant any wish and can lead you to wonderful treasures. They do this because they are here to help mankind and by helping you, you will never want for anything. They long to help and share their secrets.


Nothing is hidden

About his vessel:amythist amulet


Do you seek knowledge and power???

Do you want to advance your abilities to see and know!!!

She can change your life forever and bring you the abilities to see and know for yourself!!!

She will grant your EVERY desire!!

Are you ready for this kind of power????


This amazing amulet is very intuitive as to what you need and can help with anything.





Connecting with others



And MORE!!!!


This is for male or female and can be worn, carried with you or kept in a charging box.


If an item is calling to you, bid, It is for you. LISTEN with your feelings and your gut.

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